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What is a water feature?

A water feature is a natural waterfall with the outflow being circulated with a powerful water pump. Usually the grade is higher at the top to allow a good distance of water to fall. The rocks are strategically placed to look very natural and realistic compared to a real waterfall you would see in nature. Sizes vary on your desire and budget, along with space and grading restrictions. A water feature is a high wow factor for any home and the sound from the fall is very relaxing and stress reducing.

Water Feature and Pond Options

There are a few options when choosing a water feature such as Pondless or Pond. Also stream lengths and the number of tiers the fall will have. Allenworks can help you decide what fits on your property and placement.

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About Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are beautiful and can be a great addition to your garden, but they require a lot of maintenance. Koi ponds offer a serene and beautiful setting for your garden and can provide an excellent place for fish to live and thrive. Koi ponds offer a tranquil and beautiful setting for your garden and can provide an ideal place for fish to live and thrive. Koi Ponds require a lot of maintenance and care, so ask about our maintenance plans to help you keep the pond in top shape.

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About Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfall systems are less expensive and require less upkeep than a pond. The basin of the water feature has a pump tank area that is hidden/covered with natural river stone and rock. This allows the water to flow through without pooling. Usually there is a plastic well container with a hatch that gives you access to the pump.