our services

We offer various land design services to improve your residential or business property. Below are our primary design-build services for 2021/2022. If you do not see a service listed, please call us to discuss your specific needs. We are a fully insured and certified LLC. in the state of North Carolina. Our primary service range is usually within a 50-mile radius of Asheville, NC, but we will also travel to Upstate South Carolina and Charlotte Areas.

landscape concept design

We work on a complete design concept through sketch-ups and drawings to get signed-off approval of the design. These designs can be hand-drawn, architectural blueprints, mockups depending on package, pricing, services selected. Please see the service price list for concept designs and more.

true life water features / koi ponds

We are one of the areas leading design teams for water feature design/build in Western North Carolina. Our water features and Koi Ponds are completely integrated into the landscape for an actual realistic waterfall, as you would see in a natural environment. Seeing these in person is more satisfying than a picture could ever capture. The water sound is no different than coming across a natural stream and falling in the woods. Each waterfall, pond, stream is entirely sufficient, standing the test of time for many years of enjoyment and backyard zen. Find out more on how a water feature can boost your property value and be the envy of the neighborhood.

enviromental landscaping

You may want your existing or new construction property to be the talk of the neighborhood. If so, we can create a vibrant and lush landscaping package to fit any budget. Remember that professional landscaping helps increase curb appeal and property values to make a significant investment in your home or business. We select the best plant species and trees from our carefully selected local growers. Some of our plants are grown in our greenhouse! Our rocks and hardscape elements are local Tennessee, and North Carolina harvested through environmentally friendly practices.

land grading / erosion control

We have 20 years of experience in land grading for landscape or waterscape preparation. We know the importance of our climate and how rainfall is a significant factor in long-term erosion. We are certified in erosion control management and can perform a la cart or package services. We can add water distribution management underground to direct water from natural springs and other problematic runoff. We can also do land prep for future projects or if you need existing property regraded and treated.

landscape illumination / atmospheric lighting

Do you want to bring life to a landscape or waterscape after the sun goes down? Are you planning a night gathering or party around a beautiful waterfall? Do you need your natural stone patio or steps to be safe at night? There are so many reasons to add lighting to the atmosphere of a design project. We even work with existing water/landscapes if you pride yourself in professional LED / Low voltage/energy efficient light systems.

natural retaining walls

Natural retaining walls are a great way to control water erosion, give sloped land a unique flair, or add an extra visual element to a mundane landscape. We use many different types of materials and techniques to build retaining walls.

natural stone patios & walkways

Allenworks specializes in natural stone patios for a upscale outdoor deck alternative.

create your own zen

Our team enhances your outdoor spaces through the artistic use of natural materials. We balance unique and creative planting composition against hardscape elements so that the existing architecture blends well into its surroundings. At Allenworks, we respect the style and character of your home, and our design responds to the conversation your architecture initiates.