our process

Allenworks has many years perfecting our business process to make sure our clients are well informed and educated during the whole project. We get that the idea of what we do can be intimidating and not as simple as you might think. We answer all of your questions and concerns through every step in your journey with us.

Step 1

Discovery Consultation

We sit down or use Zoom to give you a free consultation then meet at the project location for follow up consult.

Step 2

Plan and Design

After we get the greenlight we start the design and planning process then meet with you to go over our ideas

Step 3

Building Phase

We start work on your project, this is the longest phase of the process. Changes may be made during the build by you or our team.

Step 4

Finalization Phase

After things are built we move into the finalization / nurture / growth phase and teach you how to maintain your new surroundings.

Step 5

Upkeep / Nurturing Phase

We teach you about your new surroundings and how to upkeep nuture and make sure your project is healthy for many seasons ahead. We also offer upkeep services for certain elements.