Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an important, but often overlooked, detail. It can enhance your landscape and highlight key elements such as specimen plants, water features, or architectural details. Landscape lighting, sometimes referred to as “night lighting”, can increase the beauty of a landscape by making it visible. “Night lighting” can help to highlight specific elements like focusing on a beautiful planter of profuse color, or up-lighting the pillars of a pergola or a waterfall. Lighting helps to create shadows, which may not be visible during the daylight hours.

Safety in the landscape is an important issue. The strategic placement of lighting along walkways and steps is a simple and attractive solution to create a safer environment. When properly designed and installed, lighting can maximize the nighttime potential of your particular site

Locally Sourced

Every plant is individually selected locally through one of our premier nurseries with long-standing relationships. Our rocks are locally hand-picked and naturally harvested from Tennesse and are native to the Western North Carolina area to integrate into the landscaping design.